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The widest range of sustainable & aesthetically pleasing screen solutions that meet the need to create a “one and a half metre society”. Easy to order online, but if you are looking for a project-oriented solution, we are available offline.

We are convinced that Social Safety can be achieved on the one hand by Social Distancing, and on the other hand certainly also by Smart Distancing! The right (Perspex) screens in the right places and with the right dimensions not only deliver physical safety, but also Social Reassurance – ‘peace of mind’ – so that we can regain Social Freedom together!


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  • For offices, hospitality, retail, public-sector, transport and more
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Rabobank Etten-Leur

“The architect did a great job designing the reception desk, but can The Social Screen please help us with a prevention screen that follows the radius of the desk?”
Drawings were exchanged, moulds produced and two variable curve H-Screens were the end-product.
The result? A happy customer and a very proud production team!

National Politie

‘How quickly can you supply  freestanding and moveable screens to double the capacity of our education centre?’ was the question of the National Police in Driebergen. Within hours, 4 alternative proposals were presented. The chosen solution; a S-Screen with Stainless Steel legs on wheels. The first screen were supplied within 5 working days. Total order 38 S-Screens. Thank you!

De Tulp

“The terraces are allowed to open! We urgently need plexi-screens!” Was the message, the management of HotSpot Restaurant De Tulp in Amsterdam reported to The Social Screen. During an on-site appointment, we discussed customer needs and proposed solutions. D-Screen | P to divide all long tables on the terrace and H-Screens above the servery counters. Phase 2 – screens for the interior of the restaurant?


“Our nicely designed reception desk in the Rabobank office in Bergen op Zoom deserves an equally nicely designed screen solution” was the brief of the customer. The solution was found in a custom screens with elegant magnetic fixings on the desk. Individual transaction openings were provided.



Heesen Yachts

One of the worlds top luxury yacht builders has made their Head quarters ‘corona-proof’ with over 100 Social Screens.
D-Screens, H-Screens, P-Screens, Custom Screens in many variations and dimensions. In close collaboration, various fixings systems have been developed to deal with all challenges.

FC Utrecht

Football with fans may not yet be allowed, but FC Utrecht can safely receive guests from today! With a beautifully designed T-Screen on the reception desk, every visitor is greeted with a smile . The T-Screen is attached to the counter with transparent VHB tape so that it can be removed later, if desired without damage. Thanks FC Utrecht!

Gassan Dam Square

For the Gassan Jewellers store, located in a monumental building opposite the Royal Palace on Dam Square, The Social Screen performed a remarkable feat. Eight T-Screens were delivered personally within 24 hours of ordering. T-Screens are portable Perspex screens with a handle so that they are easy to move within the space. This allows shop staff to serve their clientele in a responsible manner.

Pesca ‘Theatre of Fish’

How a brainstorm session with a restaurant owner resulted into the development of the R-Screen…..

Quick & Easy fixing to the side of a table, variable screen positioning and simple to remove. Ultimate flexibility in rearranging table settings whilst providing social safety!

Hentzepeter Fysiotherapie

For the owner of this physiotherapy practice – Helga Hentzepeter – The Social Screen created a plexiglass customer-specific solution for the desk. A 120x200cm engraved Perspex screen (P-Screen) with decorative cable fixing system was also supplied to physically separate the waiting area from arriving clients


Gerard Bambacht of Fysiobam came up with a question for ‘custom-made’ corona screens. The Social Screen supplied a custom solution with 2 H-Screens made of high quality 6mm Perspex of 70x100cm and 130x100cm for the arrival areas. The ceiling ceiling clips supplied as standard provided a quick and easy installation.

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Looking for a custom screen solution?
No problem! We are ready to help!

Restaurant Pesca choses The Social Screen!



Based on the idea that customer safety should always come first, Pesca decided to collaborate with The Social Screen at an early stage to develop and install screens that meet the functional and aesthetic requirements they had in mind. Together with Pesca, initial product sketches were converted into tangible products, of which one product was even added to the standard range; the R-Screen. A fully flexible deployable screen is attached to the edge of the table. R-Screen is both easily adjustable (to create more elbow room, the screen can be extended) and movable.

For the reception, a beautifully curved screen was developed with an engraved logo and some ‘Pesca fish’. The salad bar has screens with magnets that simply click on the steel frame, and long tables are divided by movable screens (D-Screen | P) so that the table layout can easily be adapted to the size of the customer groups. Mobile S-screens have been placed between large round tables and the serveries are all fitted with custom-made H-screens. A total of 34 screens have been installed under supervision.

We thank Pesca for the trust!

Attention to Detail!

The Social Screen stands for unparalleled quality with an eye for design details.

Where the market opts for 3mm, 4mm or sometimes 5mm Perspex panels, at The Social Screen all prevention screens are at least 6mm thick, but some are also 8mm thick. Screens that can take a beating but look superb.

All systems incorporate high-quality stainless steel components, but other options are also available to optimally adapt screens to the your requirements.

Based on the idea that prevention screens should not only be functional but also beautiful, The Social Screen has developed three etching designs that can be applied to most of the screens. This not only increases the decorative value, but also prevents people from colliding with transparent panels.

Where screens have to be ‘vandal resistant’, there is the option to design the prevention screens in ‘unbreakable’ PolyCarbonate.

The Social Screen is the specialist in the field of corona screens. We are happy to help you!