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The Social Screen

The widest range of sustainable & well designed screen solutions that meet the need to create a “distanced society”. Easy to order online, but if you are looking for a project-oriented solution, we are available offline.

Social Safety can be achieved on the one hand by Social Distancing, but on the other hand certainly also by Smart Distancing! The right (perpex) screens in the right places and with the right dimensions not only bring physical safety, but also Social Reassurance – peace of mind – so that we can regain Social Freedom together!

The Social Screen offers:

  • Standard Sizes | Made-to-Measure | Custom
  • For offices, hospitality, retail, public-sector, transport and more
  • Top quality design and superb details
  • In Acrylic (Perspex) or Polycarbonate (Lexan)
  • Ex works – expert | fast | cost efficient
  • Online & Offline support | Project-based consultancy

07795 831 619             support@thesocialscreen.eu


The Social Screen is a Schuerman initiative. Schuerman is a renowned specialist in the fabrication of resin products. Please visit the Schuerman B.V. website – www.schuerman.nl