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Plastic cleaner

22,50 excl.

It is important to avoid static loading when cleaning acrylic / perspex. Static charge attracts dust that is easy to wipe away, but can scratch again. The cleaning of acrylic / perspex is therefore preferably done with a special cleaning agent, such as Vuplex anti-static cleaner. VuPlex® cleans by using safe ingredients that do not damage the surface. It applies a fine coating to the surface, which protects the plastic against (micro) scratches. The wax layer provides a barrier against water and other weather conditions that lead to aging and loss of brightness. VuPlex® has an anti-static effect. This prevents other abrasive materials, such as dust, sand, dirt, etc., from adhering well and this prevents damage. VuPlex® restores shine and gives a bright new look to the surface. The finish is not sticky or greasy and you can achieve this glossy result in just a few seconds