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Restaurant / Bar

“Smart Distancing” is the new standard in the catering industry. In her ‘Protocol Reopening Horeca’ there is the guideline “ensure a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between the tables, unless the tables are separated by a partition or transparent screen”. If more tables can be used in the same room by placing a Perspex screen, you can welcome more guests, which will have a positive effect on turnover.

The Social Screen has developed several specific catering solutions in collaboration with a number of Amsterdam catering businesses. The R-Screen is even a direct reference to a Restaurant Screen. An easy to fit and remove the screen that is fixed to the table top and is then adjustable. See R-Screen for details.

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Within the office environment, there are many where clients and employees interact with each other within limited space. For example, the reception area / desk, office gardens, meeting rooms, offices with multiple workplaces, etc. Physical shielding of the customer and / or colleague is a precondition where the 1.5 metre rule cannot be observed. The Social Screen has a wide range of high-quality Perspex screen solutions to separate desks from each other, to flexibly divide spaces and allow you to meet clients in a reassuring way. If your office asks for customer-specific screen solutions, our specialists are ready to help you. Good employment practices start with employee comfort and safety

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Retailers have been very creative from the beginning of the ‘social distance era’ with coming up with temporary solutions and homemade screens, to guarantee the safety of their customers and staff. But now that Smart Distancing is becoming the new normal, many shops replacing their temporary emergency solution with a sustainable product with a look and feel that suits the store. For this, The Social Screen has a wide range of high-quality, beautifully designed Perspex solutions that will fit into any retail environment

Well designed T-Screens for counters, mobile S-Screens for the temporary demarcation of spaces, P-Screens to organise circulation. More permanent, all beautifully designed and manufactured in high quality 6 or 8mm acrylic / perspex. Discover the possibilities we have created for your store. If you cannot find your solution, ask for a special.

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Public Sector

Public sector buildings are by their very nature public. Organising flows of people in which social distance and hygiene can be guaranteed by walking routes, without detracting from the perception of space, is the major challenge when opening up public buildings! The Social Screen is happy to work along with you in meeting this challenge!

Perspex screens for the reception desk – T-Screens, mobile prevention screens to temporarily define spaces S-Screens, P-Screens to organise walking directions more positively, all beautifully designed and produced in high quality 6 or 8mm acrylic / Perspex. Discover the possibilities we have created for you. If what you want is not listed, ask for a special.

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Passenger transport

Different brands of taxis and taxi buses require different screen solutions. The Social Screen has experts ready to develop a tailor-made solution for the fleet of taxis or buses. Many have already taken us up on this!


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